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Merryhill Health and Safety Issue

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Olympics and Coto Equestrian Preserve

- Peacock Hill Equestrian Center

Coto Equestrian Preserve welcomes 25 horses from the Peacock Hill Equestrian Center that was ravaged by fire.

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To Those that Love Horses:

If this were the old west, I’d sit down and share a story about how I feel like horse thieves are looting us.  An ugly campaign is attacking the Coto Equestrian Preserve, and putting in doubt our dreams to have an amazing facility.

This campaign is the work of a very small group of people, four with obvious agendas, masquerading their cause as “horses not houses,” pretending to be defenders of something into which Ozzie and I have poured countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears…

The Facts about Coto Equestrian Preserve

Those that love horses, and want to separate fact from fiction regarding the Coto Equestrian Preserve:

No horses have been displaced or will be displaced from Coto Equestrian Preserve.

$1.6 Million of the improvements for Coto Equestrian Preserve comes from Silver-Bronze’s portion of the sale proceeds from Oak Grove.

The County Planning Director has suggested, and SBC Board has embraced the proposal that the County change the Preserve zoning from Community Center Commercial to a use consistent with the Equestrian Use Preserve Easement.

The misinformation spread by a small number of people with an agenda has created false impressions and confusion that has damaged the Coto Equestrian Preserve, which is experiencing record vacancies.

24.1 acres is protected forever by a 2015 recorded Equestrian Preserve Easement that runs with the land in perpetuity. It is a real stretch to worry that both the County of Orange and California State Horseman’s Association would both ever agree to terminate this Easement, or in light of the IRS gift complication that Silver-Bronze would ever ask or agree. The Equestrian Preserve Easement could not include homeowner associations as “Beneficiaries” because IRS regulations require that the tax deductible gift be only to government agencies and/or 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entities like California State Horseman’s Association or the Red Cross.  Fortunately, Mike Ameel, Michele Munk, and Jim Hicks recently formed Coto Conservancy, which is a 501(c)(3) and Silver-Bronze will also make Coto Conservancy a “Beneficiary” under the Equestrian Use Preserve Easement.  The boarders, trainers, operators, and we are sure the horses want the needed $1.6 Million of improvements funded by Silver-Bronze 43% share of Oak Grove sale to a semi-custom homebuilder for 13 low-density homes.

After 2 ½ years and over $800,000 of cost attempting to downzone Oak Grove to low-density residential, it is time for a public hearing and for the facts to be considered.

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Merryhill Health & Safety Issue

Everyone agrees that the three abandoned Merryhill building are an eyesore, but they also are a health and safety hazard.

Despite the perimeter chain-link fence and boarded up windows & doors, the three abandoned buildings at Merryhill have been repeatedly broken into by homeless, drug users, & young lovers.

Two fires have been set in the abandoned buildings; we believe in an attempt by homeless to stay warm in the winter. These fires endangered the magnificent Heritage Oak Trees all around the abandoned building, and more importantly, the adjacent homes in Rancho Colinas, & horses within Coto Equestrian Preserve.

A demolition permit has been issued for the three abandoned buildings, however, the demolition cost is over $153,000 and the two owners of Oak Grove have no reasonable choice but to maintain the chain link fence and boarded up doors and windows and to hold on to a cash contingency for further entitlement costs until Oak Grove’s 2½ year-old application is accepted by the County, and a public hearing is scheduled before the Coto Planning Advisory Council.

Oak Grove LLC and Silver-Bronze have agreed that within 10 days of acceptance of the Oak Grove downzoning application by OC Planning, and the scheduling of a public hearing before Coto Planning Advisory Council, demolition will begin on the Merryhill abandoned buildings.

After 2 ½ years and over $880,000 of cost attempting to downzone Oak Grove to low-density residential, it is time for a public hearing and for the facts to be considered.

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Tennis Lovers Support Oak Grove


“The success of the Coto Tennis Center depends on the approval of the Oak Grove Downzoning.” – Sean Abdali, Grand Slam Tennis

Coto Tennis Club has secured a commitment from Silver–Bronze, to spend $1 Million on improvements at the Club out of its share of the Oak Grove sales proceeds. The plan includes 8 tennis courts, state-of-the-art LED court lighting with new nets and fencing, bathrooms, and a decomposed granite parking lot (the current lack of a parking lot is inconvenient for our members and parents, and very problematic for moms dropping off and picking up young children for youth programs).

Sean of Grand Slam Tennis; Coto Tennis Club, says “The Club is in desperate need of parking, lighting, nets and bathrooms. A lack of bathrooms is especially inconvenient for women and children in our club’s youth program, who have to walk 200 yards to a bathroom on another property.”

Show your support for the Coto Tennis Center’s desperately needed improvements and a long overdue public hearing for the downzoning of Oak Grove to low-density residential by clicking here.

Equestrian Preserve Connection

The Coto Equestrian Preserve and its enhancements are further ensured with passion and with a touching connection to Coto’s equestrian legacy.

Twelve year old Elle O Hill has two horses, one named Miss Cheerio and the other named Lennox, at the Coto Equestrian Preserve and Elle recently won her first jumping competition in September.

“We have a real connection to the Equestrian Preserve. Our daughter rides here, and we are here three times a week for the last several years. She is so proud that her father preserved the 24.1 acres as an equestrian use for future generations. The improvements coming to Coto Equestrian Preserve will, no doubt, make it one of the best equestrian facilities in California.” – Andi O Hill

Show your support for a public hearing for Oak Grove downzoning so the facts can be considered by clicking here.


Olympics & Coto Equestrian Preserve

For those who can remember, the Coto Equestrian Center was a part of sporting history.

Coto Equestrian Preserve was the site for the Pentathlon in the 1984 Olympics. Silver-Bronze, which owns the Coto Equestrian Preserve, took its name as homage to the U.S. Olympic Team who won Silver and Bronze medals at Coto Equestrian Preserve. The video of the equestrian events at Coto is on YouTube.


The Olympics are returning to Los Angeles for the third time in 2028. Wouldn’t it be great if the enhanced Coto Equestrian Preserve could play a role in the equestrian events for the 2028 Olympics? Maybe even as a training facility for one of the US Equestrian Team riders, who goes on to win a Silver, Bronze or Gold medal, resulting in our beloved Coto Equestrian Preserve receiving worldwide recognition.

Silver-Bronze needs $1.6 Million of proceeds from its portion of the Oak Grove 13 low-density residential lots sale to a semi-custom homebuilder for the needed improvements to the 24.1 acre Coto Equestrian Preserve.  Help give this dream a chance by showing your support for a public hearing for Oak Grove so the true facts can be considered by clicking here.

Show Your Support

We are looking for friends of the Coto Equestrian Preserve to attach their name to the growing list of supporters of our “Vision.”  We appreciate all comments in our quest to preserve this great facility.